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TC2000 New Version 12.1

The best stock market software for charting, scanning & sorting and technical analysis.


Fast installation, faster scans, fastest results. Everything about TC2000 is made for speed. It's the only software that can scan your charts by any indicator with your parameters on any time frame instantly with no programming required.

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Our goal at Worden is to turn "too much" information into manageable chunks. From over 1100 automatically maintained WatchLists to an always up-to-date databank, TC2000 is designed for ease of use.

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TC2000 continues to be the Stocks & Commodities Magazine reader's choice year after year for two good reasons - ease of use and speed. No other charts are as easy or as fast to scan, sort, tweak and browse. Bundle that with the fantastic personal note system, daily expert chart lessons and notes from other TC2000 users and you'll see why TC2000 is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to staying in control of your charts and data.

The 2-second scan was invented in the mid 1990's and is still the staple of tens of thousands of traders, from small investors to money managers. It always comes down to simplicity. You realistically have a limited amount of time and effort to put into your stock analysis routine. TC2000 gives you the most bang for your buck by guiding you down a focused path with daily notes and scan results at your fingertips. You end up accomplishing more in 10 minutes with TC2000 than hours in other packages. It doesn't waste your time.

Don Worden's proprietary indicators MoneyStream®, Time Segmented Volume® and Balance of Power® have an uncanny ability to expose hidden buying and selling pressure within a stock. They are a Worden exclusive and often the primary reason that successful traders cannot give up their TC2000.

The newest version takes it to another level by providing online streaming data eliminating the need for a manual data update. It also includes backwards compatibility with previous TC2000 versions, convenient access from any computer, outstanding drawing tools, trendline alerts and a vastly expanded indicator library. The best part is that the new TC2000 does not lose its legendary feel and snappy performance that has made it an investor favorite for two decades. Because the new version uses Worden's own proprietary servers, scan speeds and possibilities are amazing.

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Videos & Help

  • 5 Tips for using TC2000
  • Opening a Layout
  • Notes: Your Personal Trading Journal

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  • Multiple plot styles: OHLC, HLC, Line, Bar, Candlestick
  • Plot hundreds of the most popular technical and fundamental indicators
  • Create your own indicators using TC2000's Personal Criteria Formulas (PCFs)
  • Beautiful, crisp, high resolution and fast charts
  • Link your symbol and/or time frame to any other chart or watchList
  • Tab, float or dock multiple charts within your layout
  • Save your own user defined chart templates with your indicator parameters and custom color settings
  • Arithmetic, logarithmic, percent and fixed percent scaling
  • A large drawing tool library including trendlines, Fibonnaci's, regressions, shapes & lines and text
  • Scan, sort and alert directly from the indicators on your chart


  • Scan, sort and alert from hundreds over 1100 pre-configured and automatically updated system lists and indexes, plus your own personal watchlists
  • Show multiple data columns for technicals and fundamentals
  • All data column values stream and update in real time*
  • Scan and Sort in real time, always have the latest results at your fingertips
  • Flag stocks to allow quick organizing of your own personal watchlists
  • Create and save column templates for quick access to your favorite data
  • Sort your watchlists by any column value simply by clicking directly on the column header
  • Link the active symbol in a watchlist to any other chart in your layout
  • Tab, float or dock multiple watchlists within your layout

Scanning & Sorting

  • Amazingly fast scanning. Your average 3000 symbol scan complete in seconds, updated in real time with the current market data*. Competing software can take minutes to hours to compute the same result.
  • Use pre-defined scan conditions or create your own EasyScans®
  • Choose from hundreds of available conditions or create your own
  • Select the Live Results tab view scan results in real time*
  • View your scan conditions directly on a chart to see them correlate with your chart indicators
  • Instantly sort and re-sort your watchlist and scan results with one single click.


  • Price, trendline, indicator and condition alerts
  • Always running, even if your computer isn't on
  • Notification via the application or by email.
  • Send email alerts to your mobile device.
  • Set reminders to review specific symbols.

Notes and News

  • Take and keep your own personal notes.
  • Attach charts, watchlists, scans or entire workspaces to any note.
  • Review your personal notes for the active symbol, right at your fingertips.
  • Quickly find all the symbols with your own notes by using the "Charts with Notes" watchlist or the My Notes tool
  • View the current and historical news on the active symbol.

Market Data

  • Always up to date, streaming data feed. No data download or data updates required.
  • US Common Stocks & Indexes, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Mutual Funds
  • Canadian Common Stocks & Indexes
  • Forex currency pairs
  • Morningstar Industry Group Averages
*U.S. Stocks Real-time and/or U.S. Index Real-time add-ons required for real-time data feed. Otherwise all data is delayed by 15 minutes.
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