RealCode API
Last Property (barsAgo)
RealCode APIWBI.CommonBlocksRealCodeIndicatorLast[([(Int32])])
The Last value for the offset index. 0 = currentbar. Same as Close, Value.
Declaration Syntax
Visual Basic
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property Last ( _
	barsAgo As Integer _
) As Single
barsAgo (Int32)
Number of bars ago to return the Last value
Return Value
Returns the Last bar value for the offset index. 0 = current bar
Not used during manual loop calculations
Example: plot the close for the current bar in a RealCode Indicator. On a daily bar interval it would be the close today.
plot = price.last() ' return the current close value
Example: plot the close 5 bars ago. On a daily bar interval, it would be the close 5 days ago.
plot = price.last(5) ' return the close 5 bars ago
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