RealCode API
MinLow Method (period, offset)
RealCode APIWBI.CommonBlocksRealCodeIndicatorMinLow(Int32, Int32)
Returns Minimum low (lowest low) for the specified period for the offset number of bars
Declaration Syntax
Visual Basic
Public Function MinLow ( _
	period As Integer, _
	offset As Integer _
) As Single
period (Int32)
The number of bars to calcuate the lowest low
offset (Int32)
The number of bars to offset the calculation
Return Value
Lowest low value for the specified period
Not used during manual loop calculations
Example: Return the MinLow of price in the last 5 bars, 10 bars ago
plot = price.MinLow(5,10)
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Assembly: WBI.CommonBlocks (Module: WBI.CommonBlocks) Version: (