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BarInterval Property
RealCode APIWBI.CommonBlocksPriceScriptingBarInterval
The currently selected bar interval for the chart that owns this class
Declaration Syntax
Visual Basic
Public ReadOnly Property BarInterval As TimeSpan
Return Value
Returns a .net TimeSpan object
Example. Determine the bar interval of our chart
If me.BarInterval.Days > 0 then
 ' Daily or higher timeframe
 Select Case me.TimeFrame.TotalDays 
    Case  1 
       ' Daily Chart
    Case 2
       ' 2 Day Chart
 end Select
 Select case me.BarInterval.TotalMinutes
    Case 1
        ' 1 Minute Chart
    Case 2 
       ' 2 Minute Chart
  end select
end if

Assembly: WBI.CommonBlocks (Module: WBI.CommonBlocks) Version: (