RealCode API
PercentChange Method (BarsAgo, offset)
RealCode APIWBI.CommonBlocksRealCodeIndicatorPercentChange(Int32, Int32)
Returns the percent change vs the specified bars ago for the number of bars ago
Declaration Syntax
Visual Basic
Public Function PercentChange ( _
	BarsAgo As Integer, _
	offset As Integer _
) As Single
BarsAgo (Int32)

[Missing <param name="BarsAgo"/> documentation for "M:WBI.CommonBlocks.RealCodeIndicator.PercentChange(System.Int32,System.Int32)"]

offset (Int32)
Offset to perform the barsAgo comparison.
Return Value
Percent change for barsAgo vs BarsAgo.
Not used during manual loop calculations
Example: Return previous bars 2 bar percent change
plot = price.percentChange(2,1)
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Assembly: WBI.CommonBlocks (Module: WBI.CommonBlocks) Version: (