RealCode API
AVG Method (period, barStyle)
RealCode APIWBI.CommonBlocksRealCodeIndicatorAVG(Int32, RealCodeIndicator..::.BarValue)
Simple Moving Average of the specified period for the current bar
Declaration Syntax
Visual Basic
Public Function AVG ( _
	period As Integer, _
	barStyle As RealCodeIndicator..::.BarValue _
) As RealCodeIndicatorCalculation
period (Int32)
>moving average period (in bars)
barStyle (RealCodeIndicator..::.BarValue)
Which bar data point to use: Open, High, Low, Close
Return Value
Returns a RealCodeIndicatorCalculation variable, can be used to chain more function calls.
This is the same as calling MovingAverage(period,barStyle)
plot the 30 bar moving average of the lows for the current symbol
plot = price.AVG(30,RealCodeIndicator.BarValue.Low).Value
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