RealCode API
MovingAverage Method (period, barStyle)
RealCode APIWBI.CommonBlocksRealCodeIndicatorMovingAverage(Int32, RealCodeIndicator..::.BarValue)
Simple Moving Average of the specified period for the current bar
Declaration Syntax
Visual Basic
Public Function MovingAverage ( _
	period As Integer, _
	barStyle As RealCodeIndicator..::.BarValue _
) As RealCodeIndicatorCalculation
period (Int32)
moving average period (in bars)
barStyle (RealCodeIndicator..::.BarValue)
Which bar data point to use: Open, High, Low, Close
Return Value
Returns a RealCodeIndicatorCalculation. This allows you to call other functions like AVG,XAVG,STOC,RSI
plot the 5 bar exponential average of the 30 bar moving average of the high of price
plot = price.MovingAverage(30,RealCodeIndicator.BarValue.High).XAVG(5)
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