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Getting Started 5:13

An overview of the program layout and how to quickly accomplish common tasks like pulling up a stock you want to look at; adding an indicator to the chart; setting the bar interval of the chart (daily, weekly, etc.) and drawing trend lines on the chart.

Introduction for TeleChart Users 9:36

Learn how StockFinder and TeleChart complement each other to expand your trading toolbox.

Working with Indicators 3:28

Learn how to access StockFinder's vast library of over 300 technical and fundamental indicators. overlay indicators, scale indicators together in the same pane simple like adding moving average or Bollinger band to price. Edit indicator parameters, plot style, color

Working with Watchlists 3:04

Hundreds of pre-configured watchlists including index components, personal watchlists, industry group components and exchange traded fund components. Learn a quick shortcut to find the list you're looking for.

Maintaining Personal Watchlists 11:09

Create your own personal lists of stocks you own or want to keep an eye on. You can import lists of symbols from text or Excel format. Add flag columns to the watchlist section to easily add and remove stocks from any of your personal lists.

Drawing Tools 9:35

Annotate your charts with trend lines, Fibonacci levels, Gann angles, regression lines and channels, text or marker arrows pointing out significant points on the chart.

Scanning with Conditions 10:56

In one click you can quickly scan a watchlist for stocks that are meeting your conditions right now. The wachlist will light up the stocks that are passing and show you how long the stock has met your conditions or when a stock last met your conditions.

Filtering Lists 5:21

Filter any list with conditions to remove stock from any watchlist that do not meet the conditions. The list will update dynamically throughout the market day based on the update frequency you choose.

Paint Schemes 10:20

Use the paint schemes from the library or create your own to color price or an indicator based on any set of conditions.

Sortable Columns from Indicators 12:28

Sort a watchlist by any indicator on the chart by simply clicking and dragging the indicator from the chart to the watchlist. You can also add indicator value columns directly to the watchlist from the indicator library.

Saving Your Work 8:24

You can save complete layouts or individual items such as charts, indicators and conditions that you want to re-use later.

Customize Your Charts 10:47

Customize your charts any way you want with the vast indicator library, drawing tools and chart layout features. Spread your charts across multiple monitors for a true trader workstation.

RealCode for Real People: Indicators 6:05

Create your own custom indicators using RealCode. RealCode is based on the Microsoft Visual Basic.Net framework and uses the Visual Basic (VB) language syntax.

Comparison Plots 2:53

Drag one line to another and select Plot Comparison to plot the ratio, difference, etc. between two lines on the chart. Compare a stock's performance against a major market average.

Sharing 3:45

Share layouts, charts and watchlists with other members of the StockFinder community.

Custom Market Indicators 3:28

Create custom market indicators and indexes for any indicator or condition, for any watchlist.

Creating Conditions 9:39

Create conditions for stocks making new highs, crossing their moving average, MACD crossovers, etc. You can combine multiple conditions together and even sequence them together so the conditions have to be true in a particular order.

Market Indicators from Conditions 6:09

Create your own custom breadth indicators from conditions.

ResearchTools 6:47

Access fundamental data, real time news and data from websites linked directly to the active symbol.

Writing Conditions in RealCode 10:11

Create any condition you can dream up with RealCode.

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