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StockFinder - Rule-based scanning, sorting & charting just got easier.

What is StockFinder?

StockFinder (Platinum Edition) brings the small investor a new level of capability in real-time stock scanning and charting. It combines a comprehensive real-time data feed with an easy drag-and-drop condition wizard and stunning charting visuals. The gap between you and the professionals didn't just narrow, it closed. For unlimited power, you can write your own indicators and conditions in the RealCode programming language.

Create conditions quicky with the condition wizard

Create your Condition

Using the condition wizard you can create your own custom condition from any indicator on your chart, or from the indicator Library.  Set the parameters to your liking or build your own condition from RealCode.


Find the stocks

Quickly find the stocks passing your conditions by sorting with scan lights.  Light up the stocks that are currently passing your conditions, as well as show you the stocks that have recently passed, but are not currently passing.

Color your charts with conditions or show true markers when conditions pass

Paint them on your chart

Apply your conditions to a paint scheme or true markers to highlight every bar that your condition has passed.  Find patterns quickly and easily with the custom condition coloring. Save your paint scheme to use on any indicator

Color your charts with conditions or show true markers when conditions pass

Track your Symbols

Assign your symbols to your own personal WatchList, flag them with a flag column and track the progress of your security. 

Annotate with our large selection of drawing tools


Using our library of Drawing tools and our new drawing toolbar, you can annotate directly on the chart to define support and resistance, major trends, and key reversals. 

Trade right on the chart

On-Chart Trading

Trade directly on the chart with your OptionsXpress or Interactive Brokers account.  Open a ticket by clicking on the trade window to set your entry/exit price or profit/loss target with the on chart trade slider.

What is StockFinder?

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