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StockFinder - Rule based scanning, sorting and charging made easy

What's New in StockFinder Version 5.0

Click here for important information for version 4 users


StockFinder 5.0 Chart with conditional coloring

Chart Changes:

  • One-Click on Condition to instantly Paint, Scan & Sort
  • Redesigned Condition Wizard
  • Easy one-button access to ALL Indicators and Conditions in Unversal Library
  • Indicators that link to other indicators can now be saved without needing to save the chart
  • Conditions that link to other indicators/conditions can now be saved without needing to save the chart
  • Custom Market Indicators can be saved
  • Redesigned Indicator editor.
  • Removed old Add Rule Button, replaced with Paint Scheme button
  • Conditions on the bubble bar can be used to quickly paint price, sort by or both.
  • Version 5 is a big leap forward.

    - M.K. Los Altos, CA
  • Combining Conditions into a combo condition will now remove the combined conditions from the bubble bar.
  • Conditions no longer need to remain on the chart to be used in the WatchList for sorts/scans. This reduces the overall number of conditions on the bubble bar
  • Conditions no longer need to remain on the chart to be used in painting indicators. This reduces the overall number of conditions on the bubble bar
  • Removing an indicator that is used in a condition or another indicator (difference, market indicator) will no longer remove the item that is using it.
  • Removing an indicator or condition from the chart no longer removes any WatchList columns that were linked to it
  • Removed some chart buttons that were redundant and cleaned up interface
  • Drawing tools in the price chart are now saved by symbol (IE they're global) and no longer saved on the chart itself.
  • New color options for Background gradient charts
  • New chart overlay options for custom overlay values
  • New chart rendering methods for crisp and smooth display
  • New default chart options allow you to apply chart settings and colors to all new charts.

Drawing Tool Changes

  • Drawing tools in the price pane are now saved by symbol (IE they're global) and no longer saved on the chart itself.
  • New Drawing Toolbar - Open by default on new layouts and charts
  • Drawing Button now has new drop down menu
  • CTL+T will toggle drawings on/off
  • CTL+D toggles drawing a trendline
  • Esc key will now clear the active drawing tool
  • Drawing tools now have a set as default link to set a default value for each tool
  • Right-Click on the chart will now clear the active drawing tool
  • Drawing tools now show a context menu on right click
  • Drawing tools no longer show the editor on left click
  • Using a drawing tool while the drawings are hidden will now show the tools

True Markers

  • CTL-Click on a condition bubble will now toggle a true marker on/off
  • New Marker icon on condition bubble when marker is active
  • New Display Options menu on conditions to control hash marks, arrows, image markers and other condition display options
  • Added a hover mode for hashmark legend
  • Added a checkbox on the hashmark editor to always show the legend 
  • True markers now scale with the zoom
  • True markers now default to their last used setting
  • Added marker option and alt click option to click options dialog
  • Added show true markers and edit

Paint Schemes and Conditional Coloring

  • Conditions can now be combined in to savable entities called Paint Schemes
  • Paint Schemes can be applied to any indicator on a chart
  • Updating a Paint Scheme in your library will update all indicators that use that Paint Scheme
  • Redesigned Paint Scheme editor.
  • New Paint Scheme button for the Price history indicator to quickly change the active Paint Scheme on price
  • Conditions on the chart can now be applied directly to price history by clicking on them

Watchlist Changes

  • You can now scan/filter your watchlist on saved conditions
  • Filter or scan conditions can be set to multiple Bar Intervals
  • New Sort Drop down for easy WatchList sorting.
  • New sorting from Indicators for easy watchlist sorting
  • Condition Lights now sort by bars in a row, to bars since true
  • New Unlinking of Linked items (columns, conditions) to keep data around after the source is removed (set via the column header or by removing the linked item source)
  • Unlinked watchlist columns can have their own bar interval (set via the header right click menu).
  • Each column now supports it's own Update frequency instead of a WatchList wide setting (set via the header right click menu) which improves performance
  • Each column now supports it's own Sort Frequency to determine how often to re-sort (set via the header right click menu)
  • The Sorted column now has a shaded background color. This color can be edited from the WatchList properties
  • Columns that are created by the sort pull-down or by sorting from an chart indicator/condition will be replaced by the next sorted item
  • The sort column can be repositioned by dragging/dropping to a new location
  • When applying a scan or sort, the watchlist will automatically scroll to the top symbol in the list
  • Backspace key will now go back to the previous symbol. This can be used more than once to continue going back in history.
  • New Add Column button will load a column for any Library Indicator or Condition without needing to load it on the chart.
  • Added a tooltip for the Active watchlist, Scan and Sort to see the full name when partially hidden
  • Company Name and Exchange can now be toggled for the symbol column on the column header right-click menu.


  • New PCF like syntax for child calculations: AVG, AVGO,AVGH,AVGL,AVGC,XAVG,XAVGH..., STOC - these can be used on Price, Volume or any imported indicator.
  • RealCode can now reference indicators from the Library (including your own saved indicators/RealCode) and no longer need to have the indicator loaded on a chart. This will reduce the overall number of indicators on a chart
  • RealCode can now reference conditions from the Library (including your own saved conditions/RealCode) and no longer need to have the condition loaded into a chart. This will reduce the overall number of conditions on a chart
  • RealCode now has a context variable available to determine information about the context in which it is executing. This allows you to find out information about a Market Index calculation (number of symbols in the list, first/last symbol) or information about the Chart (Start/End dates, number of bars visible)
  • RealCode that references indicators or conditions on a chart can now be saved without having to save the chart
  • Added a global memory cache for global variable access
  • Additional Properties and Methods are available to call from whithin your code, like chart overlay, labels and more


  •  Fixed the Symbol Equity line on short sales to match the results table 
  • You can now cancel a Backtest in progress.

General Program Changes

  • New Minute data bank - Intraday scanning has increased 5 fold.
  • Numerous performance enhancements and tweaks
  • You can now change the active watchlist by pressing the / key and typing the watchlist name
  • Redesigned many open/load dialogs to use a new Task/Recent/Library drop down.
  •  Added News and Data sheet as toggle buttons to the toolbar
  • News now loads under the watchlist 
  • Redesigned the condition palette to better organise the conditions on your chart.
  • Clicking on a news story will now open the article in it's own window.
  • General context menu changes and clean up.
  • Removed the blogging
  • Removed CNN and Bloomberg TV.
  • Users can now create and save their own browsers. It supports URLs with the active symbol tag {sym} to load stock specific web pages.
  • StockFinder will show scan and sort progress on the Task bar in Windows 7

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