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StockFinder - Rule based scanning, sorting and charging made easy

StockFinder 5 Features


StockFinder 5 kills the competition!!

- D.F. Washington D.C.
  • Fully customizable charts allow you to easily recognize your favorite patterns
  • Multiple plot styles: OHLC, Bar, Line, Candlestick, Shape, Shaded regions and custom
  • Plot hundreds of the most popular indicators included in the StockFinder indicator library
  • Mix and match technical indicators with historical fundamentals like earnings or capitalization
  • Create your own custom indicators with RealCode - a Microsoft Vb.Net language.
  • Paint indicators by Conditions or your own custom code
  • Quickly and easily create custom Market Indexes on any indicator, for any stock list
  • StockFinder 5 Chart

  • Display "mini-charts" for each symbol in your WatchList - Show the price action for each symbol in your List!
  • Tab charts together, or dock in a layout. Supports multiple monitor configurations
  • Unlimited number of charts and indicator panes
  • Multiple bar intervals from yearly down to tick and everything in-between
  • Custom bar intervals like 3/2 day or option expiration Friday
  • Over 25 drawing tools including Trend lines, Fibs, Fans, Regressions, Channels, Shapes and Text
  • Save charts, indicators, and conditions to load in multiple layouts, share with friends online or backup to any media
  • Share charts via email or the StockFinder share feature

StockFinder 5 WatchList


  • Scan, Sort and Filter from the hundreds of pre-configured industry lists, indexes and personal WatchLists
  • View streaming data for all items in your list
  • Scan and sort in real time, no symbol limits!
  • Customizable columns allow flexible control for layout and coloring.  Visualize the data your way
  • Flag columns allow quick stock organizing to add/remove symbols from personal WatchLists
  • View any indicator or condition on any bar interval, for any symbol. Scan and sort the results directly in your list
  • Quickly Sort by any indicator in the Library by choosing it directly from the sort pulldown
  • Change your list of stocks at any time by simply typing the name of the WatchList.  Quick access to any list in the system!

Price Making New High Condition

Finding Stocks

  • Rule-Based Scanning, Sorting and Filtering

  • Scan and Filter on any indicator for any bar interval
  • Scan technical indicators and fundamentals for finding the cream of the crop
  • Perform multiple scans and filters simultaneously
  • Create visual conditions based on indicators on a chart (two lines crossing, above/below)
  • Create combo conditions for multiple rules or sequences of rules using AND, OR, AND THEN
  • Scan "Lights" light up when a condition is passing on a stock
  • Quickly bring stocks of interest to the top of your list
  • Scan and Filter multiple charts and bar intervals at the same time
  • Scan the entire market in Real-time
  • Stream the entire market to your WatchList. No Symbol Limits

Backtesting with Backscanner™

Backtest conditions

  • Backtest any indicator or condition on your chart
  • Backtest a single stock, or a list of stocks. See how your conditions performed over entire industries or indexes.
  • Apply trade based rules to Buy, Sell, Sell Short, Cover, Exit All, Remain Long, and Remain Short
  • Apply conditions like trade length, comparison, greater/less than, bars, % re-tracement, trailing stop, profit target, and stop loss
  • Backtest on multiple bar intervals from yearly down to intraday
  • Mix and Match bar intervals and indicators in the same test
  • Backtest for specific date ranges to test bull or bear markets or for the entire 25 year databank
  • Apply priority to conditions so that some will override others
  • Produce multiple reports with fields like: #Trades, Return/Trade, Trad/Time, Best Exit, Worst Exit, Winning %, Gain/Loss Ratio, Drawdown and more
  • Plot backtest results directly on your charts with Trade Signals, Buy and hold line, Symbol Equity line and Symbol Equity vs Buy and Hold line

Other Features

  • Quickly jump to any Symbol, Company or WatchList by typing the symbol, company name or WatchList name at any time
  • Hundreds of integrated web browsers to popular finance sites, Displays websites for the active symbol.
  • Custom web browsers to integrate your own favorite research, blogs and websites.  Display your custom site for the active symbol
  • Drag-n-Drop indicators to overlay, separate panes, create comparisons, view data and create conditions.
  • RealCode™ editor for creating custom indicators, conditions, paint schemes, scans, sorts, filters and backtests using Microsoft VB.Net syntax.
  • Created by Worden and the makers of TeleChart, voted best software in it's category since 1993.
  • Backed by the best technical support in the business. Phone, email, forums and chat support all included.

StockFinder Platinum - $89.99 / month (+ exchange fees)

  • Entire US market streaming in RealTime. Every Symbol, every tick. No Symbol Limits!
  • Hundreds of automatically maintained WatchLists, industry groups, ETFs, market indexes, indicators and rules. The entire databank is updated and managed behind the scenes for you, including stock splits, symbol changes, new issues, exchanges
  • Morningstar historical company fundamental & financial stats. Plot, scan and backtest earnings, capitalization, market cap, dividend yield, earnings per share, and many more
  • Custom Index creator for making your own T2s and indicators based off a list of stocks
  • Free Software Download! - Get started right away. No need to wait for the USPS
  • Free Software Updates. As new features and fixes are finalized, your software is patched automatically
  • Optimized for home users. All databanks download over High-speed DSL or Cable. No expensive dedicated internet connection required
  • Works Offline. All data is maintained on your computer for unmatched performance and offline capabilities. Take your laptop on the road and have your databank with you!

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