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Gold Platinum
Gold includes our flagship TC2000 software and service...
Get TC2000 Software and Service for two computers (non-simultaneous use). Runs inside your browser or install to your PC or Mac
Read Peter Worden's latest Worden Notes with attached charts minutes after they're written - plus the Daily Electronic Worden Report
Find stocks fast! Scan the market simultaneously for technical and fundamental conditions - in 2 seconds... or rank every stock in the market with a simple 2-click sort
Browse the world's best PC charts - Uncover hidden buying & selling with TC2000's proprietary indicators
Scan your charts by any indicator with your parameters on any time frame - instantly - with no programming.
Improve your end-of-day trading with the added technical detail of hourly, half-hour, and 15-minute per bar intraday charts
Get organized - WatchLists, notes, and charts all synchronized with no extra files to open
Manage a ton of data with one click a day: Indexes, Industries, Splits and more all maintained automatically
Get our famous Video Tutorials featuring charting tips, stock-finding strategies, and time-saving TC2000 shortcuts
Set up to 100 trendline alerts, reminders and condition alerts
Write your own indicators, scan and sort criteria with the Personal Criteria Formula (PCF) language
Expandable library of over 70 technical indicators
Study real-time news and analyst commentary from more than 40 sources, neatly archived - with no extra newsfeed fees
Unlimited charts and indicator panes
Monitor your TD AMERITRADE portfolio to track your open positions and pending orders
Instant symbol & company name search
Step up to Platinum and add these additional TC2000 features:
Add true streaming real-time charts in TC2000, filtered with AccuTick® technology
Immerse yourself in the best learning environment for beginning and intermediate traders. Ask almost any market-related question in live chat and other users will answer
Scan and sort using any indicator in any time frame...5-minute, 15-minute, Hourly, etc.
Run your favorite charts past Peter Worden during his regular visits to live chat
Share and borrow charts, indicators, WatchLists, and scan results among the whole community or your own small club. There's no better way to pick up new ideas or to get an honest 3rd-party appraisal of your own analysis
Take in a steady agenda of online events like Live Audio Chart Shows from Peter Worden & other expert traders, live QQQ-trading chat, and weekend club meetings
Gain key advantages during market hours - including exclusive real-time sorts, live-updating minute & tick charts
Set up to 200 trendline alerts, reminders and condition alerts
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