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What's New in version 12.6

Peter Worden's Notes & Reports (2:10)

5 Steps to Using TC2000 Today (13:46)

Floating Windows & Multiple Monitors (4:02)

Plot more than just price & indicators (8:29)

Plot historical fundamentals from Morningstar (7:00)

Related Items WatchLists (6:05)

Sector & Industry Analysis Tools (8:34)

Drawing boards manage your chart drawings (7:07)

Scratch boards & drawing tool updates (4:43)

Improved Pointer Mode (1:14)

Change Data Source (3:38)

Getting Started

5 Navigation Tips for TC2000 (6:19)

Terms You Should Know (7:06)

Opening a Layout (1:56)

Click the "New" Button (2:34)

Useful Shortcuts to Program Features (3:40)

Accessing libraries of pre-built charts, scans, indicators
and conditions

System Settings & Account Info (2:36)


TC Classic Layout (3:36)

Rearranging & Tabbing Windows (5:00)

Creating New Layouts from Starter Layouts (5:19)

Saving Layouts & Layout Groups (2:55)

Scrolling Ticker (1:52)


Adding and Moving Indicators (7:19)

Adding Charts to Layouts (3:40)

Customize Chart Properties (3:07)

Saving Personalized Charts (1:38)

Controlling Visible Chart History (5:20)

Creating Projection Space on Charts (2:36)

Comparing Price Plots Visually (4:13)

Customize the Chart Toolbar (3:06)

Chart Markers for Splits & Notes (2:24)

Slide Show Mode (1:28)


Navigating the Watchlist Library (5:32)

Choosing a Watchlist of Symbols (1:53)

Copying Symbols to Personal Watchlists (5:35)

Adding & Editing Watchlist Columns (4:23)

Saving and Re-Using Groups of Columns (5:15)

Flagging Symbols (6:37)

Setting the Default Watchlist for Scanning & Sorting (1:54)

Customize Watchlist Properites (1:27)

See the Dow 30 Stocks Automatically When You Check the Index (3:28)

Using the My Favorites Watchlist (4:18)

Chart Scaling

Price Scaling (5:46)

Indicator Scaling (2:38)

Ruler Scale (2:57)


Sorting with Indicators (3:40)

Sorting with Chart Conditions (7:30)

Sorting with Pre-Built Columns (3:30)

Basics of Custom Date Sort (5:32)

Finding Resilient Stocks with Custom Date Sort (5:20)


Create Conditions from Your Chart (5:25)

Building a Scan with Multiple Conditions (7:29)

Writing Custom Conditions: The Basics (40:36)

Notes & News

Writing Notes (6:48)

Exploring the Feed Windows (5:56)

Your Following Feed (3:33)

Custom Feed Windows (2:46)


Setting & Managing Alerts (11:53)

Drawing Tools

Using Drawing Tools in TC2000 (5:22)

Cross, Pan, Erase (3:19)

Mark Key Price Levels with Horizontal Lines (3:12)

Text (4:30)

Marking Dates & Events with Vertical Lines (3:57)

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