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No wonder trader Houston Carr said “the change in TeleChart from 1994 to today is like the difference between a Studebaker and a Ferrari.” (more user comments)You have the keys in your hand. To road test this Ferrari FREE for the next 14 days, simply click here or call 1-800-776-4940.

This is where the magic of TeleChart begins
One click automatically maintains a highly-indexed, massive stock market databank locally on your hard drive. This results in blazing speed for your custom sorts, charts and scans. You simply cannot attain these lightning speeds when the data is located somewhere else on the Internet. Plus, you can take it with you everywhere you go - on an airplane, in a restaurant or on your living room couch.
Get right back to where you were
Got a brainstorm but don't want to lose your current train of thought? Feel free to jump out to another scan, WatchList or stock, because TeleChart always remembers where you've been and makes it easy to return to what you were working on...
Turning too much information into manageable chunks
This is the goal we relentlessly pursue at Worden. We start by automatically maintaining over 250 WatchLists in your system everyday. These consist of index components, industry groups, charts with your notes, exchange-traded funds, your custom lists and your EasyScans.

Spend your time where it matters most
The charts that seem to pop the most with opportunities tend to come near the top or bottom (outliers) of your sorted WatchLists. When pressed for time, flip through your favorite sorts and quickly browse the outliers.

Sort from dozens of built-in technical and fundamental criteria, your own custom formulas, or ANY indicator from the chart you are currently viewing. Just don't look away - because your results will be returned in 2 seconds.

Ice breakers to kick-start your mind
The note window is more than a place to file away and organize your own thoughts. It includes an archive of hundreds of real-life charting lessons (with illustrations that open up) built right into your system for on-the-fly learning. It’s updated daily by Don & Peter Worden to keep you current on what's working best right now.

In addition to the educational notes, you'll spend most afternoons looking forward to Don Worden's unique after market report. This easy-reading, entertaining report weaves actual feedback from investors like you with his theme of "thinking for yourself." Most night's reports leave you with at least one nugget to make you say, "wow, I never thought of that." Most traders say this report alone is worth the subscription price.

Bringing back the lost art of charting
Traders underestimate the importance of scaling more than any other aspect of computerized charting. We are fanatical about scaling because it's one of the biggest determining factors in how you interpret a chart. Long-term charts MUST be on a log scale. Comparison charting must be on common percent scales. And when comparing stocks for volatility, common scales help tremendously. That's why you get five customizable scaling buttons to flip modes instantly - already preconfigured our way when you receive the software.
2 Kick back for a slide show or flip your charts by hand
Tap your spacebar to flip through charts or start up the slide show and put your feet up. Once you have your WatchList, scan & sort configured, all you have to do is watch the charts and wait for that one to POP. No software gets you through this much information so efficiently and effortlessly. That's why the readers of Stocks & Commodities Magazine have voted it the Best Charting Software in its category for 13 straight years. Even your custom layouts will work as a slide show, so you can browse up to eight charts at a time, without lifting a finger.
Multiple perspectives make the picture focused
Roll your mouse wheel to zoom in & out of the chart. Get detail down to the last month or pull back for a two-decade view. It will be the best extra 10 seconds you spend on a chart. If you don't do anything else - do this. Checking multiple timeframes will probably impact the results of your trades more than anything else you can do. The good news for you is that most traders simply don't take the time do it. With TeleChart, it's so quick and easy - you will.
Know your industry - it pays off
One click gives you instant access to the current stock's industry WatchList, relative strength, and comparison chart. This allows you to easily get a feel for a stock’s strength within its industry as well as the industry’s overall strength while browsing charts.
Still the easiest 2-second scan to create
Simply grab the graphical range selectors with your mouse and get instant feedback on how many stocks pass after each condition level. Mold your results to your liking then never touch the EasyScan again. It will automatically maintain itself with all the other WatchLists.
Got your own math formulas you want to test?
Easily add them into the system. Personal Criteria Formulas are your way to get EXACTLY what you are looking for out of TeleChart. Think of them as building blocks. Once you create them using our simple script language, they become reusable in EasyScans, sorts and indicator plots. And with our super fast data engine, your formulas calculate for hundreds of stocks per second!
Create your own custom layouts
Place up to 8 charts across two monitors arranged any way you'd like. Synchronize them by time frame, symbol, and/or indicators. Save as many of your favorite layouts as you'd like.



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We want you to be as HAPPY as these users!

On Free Upgrades to TeleChart...

"Holy cow, wow! Just logged in fine and am blown away by this new service and revamped website... at least new to me... The video/graphic of LOUD and NGEN is first class education and quality galore... makes my TeleChart subscription even more valuable and appreciated. THANKS!!!"
Frank Petry — Eufaula, AL

"I want to compliment all that were involved with the development of TeleChart! A good stock program became a GREAT stock program! Thank You!"
D.E. — Gravois Mills, MO

"Today I just want to say, that the new TeleChart is really brilliant. It is a great pleasure to work with this program! By the way: I am a subscriber to TC2000 for 4 years now. Whenever I had a problem, support was really excellent."
H.C. — Berlin, Germany

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On The Customer Service You Deserve...

"You're redefining Customer Service... the competition doesn't stand a chance."
T.C. — Fayetteville, GA

"You guys are the best with tech support that I've ever seen. Unbelievable quick response on the postings and the training videos are fantastic. Thanks for your reply."
R.O. — Baltimore, MD

"You provide such a great service and particularly for someone like me — a senior citizen with no computer knowledge — I really need hand holding and you are there."
H.W. — White Plains, NY

"TeleChart support is one of the best support teams I have come across — honest, prompt replies, respecting others, accommodating requests."
V.K. — Sunnyvale, CA

On Keeping It Simple Stupid (KISS)...

"I'm a KISSER and the simpler the better. I love TeleChart Gold and the built in tools that make sorting the database of All Stocks a piece of cake."
Richard Scholz — Seattle, WA

"TeleChart is still the quick and dirty solution for stock sorting... I don't have another package equally good for that purpose."
G.R. — Longwood, FL

"Thank you, as always, Peter, for your insightful commentary. I love the way you "K.I.S.S." with your technical analysis. Way too easy to get information overload and paralysis by analysis in this day and age."
C.N. — Owatonna, MN

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On being a part of the Worden Family...

"I am sure you have heard this many, many times, but your commentaries, software, education tools, are terrific. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"
F.T. — Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

"You know, the longer I am a member of the Worden Brothers family of users, the more I love it."
W.S. — Cary, NC

"...this is amazing. Could not do it without the Worden family's most excellent product. Thanks Don Worden, Peter Worden and Chris Worden!"
M.E. — Lakewood, CO

"I have used your great service for about 10 years and it is the best service of its kind available."
F.R. — Sanbornville, NH

"Once again, I applaud Worden's "out of the box" thinking in the design of TeleChart... TC does the hard work, and lets our decision-making remain natural, fast and consistent."
J.D. — Duluth, GA

"Many thanks for your wonderful TeleChart chart program. I’d be lost without it for it provides a truly unique insight into the stock market. I can’t wait until the end of each day to see what treasures have washed up on shore tonight."
R.D. — Wisconsin Rapids, WI

On Don Worden's After Market Ice-Breaker Reports...

"Your colorful, insightful, entertaining, old-fashioned, well written daily comments alone (even without the TeleCharting gizmos) are worth the thirty bucks per month. They are without a doubt the highlight of my reading input for the day. And I do read a lot. I also appreciate your ability to reduce a complex observation into a few simple words (I'm talking about your daily chart notes). I've been wanting to tell you this for some time now. By all means, please keep it up."
M.T. — Rockville, MD

"… I would sincerely like to thank you for the wisdom expressed in your Daily Report today, because it was in answer to my recent question to you. You are a wise man... and I have taken your wisdom to heart!"
W.S. — Cary, NC

"I always enjoy your nightly updates and really miss them when you take a well deserved holiday or break."
A.M. — Buffalo Grove, IL

"I am always enlightened by your daily reports and observations. Thanks for the best market tools available!"
J.S. — Hamersville, OH

"I look forward to reading your daily reports & thoughts on the markets as they really provide great insight and are very educational. Many thanks for your quality product!"
R.M. — Celebration, FL

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On Speed, Speed and More Speed...

"I've downloaded TeleChart onto my desktop and onto my laptop and it's great to be able to use it while I'm traveling as well as while I'm at home. Also, the increased speed of the program is wonderful. Having all of the charts on my hard drive speeds things up tremendously!"
E.H. — San Diego, CA

"'05 is MUCH faster for me — I update both each trading day. The optimization appears to assume and exploit fast broadband."
J.M. — Canton, MI

"Downloaded at the office... very, very, very fast."
M.S. — Concord, NH

"Thank you for all your hard work on the new TeleChart. It works GREAT. I especially like the speed, the new value selection and cross hairs. Thank you again and best regards."
R.K. — Johnstown, CO

On the Free Bonus Tutorial Videos you'll receive...

"Congratulations on your two CD learning programs: "Finding and Analyzing Stocks on your PC" and "The Chart Reader's Playground"! In my opinion, these are the most customer friendly teaching tools I have seen so far. Thank you for the very dynamic fascinating videos."
Tom Reischl — Austria

On Peter Worden's Daily Study Notes & Videos

"Superb explanations! These videos are the best explanations for your thought processes on a stock. I hope you will produce these videos frequently. Thanks for the permanent learning."
G.R. — Roseville, CA

"Thank you, Peter. I always get a ton of information from your videos."
W.L. — Apex, NC

"Good job, Peter! Always enjoy your insights. You keep giving me more reasons to stay with TeleChart. Thanks!"
J.H. — Holland, MI

"Thanks Peter for a very nice piece of technical advice. Just listened to the Worden Report. It was great. Best regards to a fine analysis service."
S.L. — Jaffrey, NH

"I really love your methodical simple approach, Peter. It is soooo refreshing to get back to chart reading in its purest form. Clears the mind. Thanks."
T.V. — Houston, TX

"Peter, we really appreciate these detailed videos. It is like being at a seminar without having to drive to one."
W.R. Curran — West Chester, OH

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